Sunday, September 27, 2015

Looking For Love.......

Hi All,

"Lookin' for love in all the wrong places, Lookin' for love in too many faces" , a lyric from the movie Urban Cowboy.  I do live in a big city , and at times like to think I am a bit of a renegade, but like everyone else I am lookin' ......... The word love here, and on Facebook and any social media outlet perhaps means Respect, A Voice, A Ear or just a platform . Are we selling something, educating, letting off steam or touting our favorite music or Sports team, it is different for everyone and is our right! What we put in our newsfeed is how we are judged by many, because we live so far apart and this is the only way we can be neighbors. Regardless of what words we choose and how often we do post, our words are a powerful vehicle.

As powerful as words are, and as I am doing right now therapeutic, there really is nothing like a one to one heartfelt conversation with someone. Many of us have a chance to meet at trade shows , perhaps share a coffee, some rarely get that privilege and get to know one another by instant message, maybe a Skype, frankly, and maybe it is just me, I do not know why people don't pick up the phone more often. Are we really that bogged down by social media, by hearing a person's voice and expressions and even gestures, gives one so much more depth than a text. 

This week was an interesting one for me. I worked, stayed home out of respect of my Jewish heritage for Yom Kippur the day of atonement , and my soon to be fourteen year old son touched the Pope's hand. I did not want to post this occurrence on Facebook, as we found pictures of my son smiling, amongst a crowd of fanatics, all over the Internet. This was a moment for family, and our journey, and I did share this with a select few and even picked up the phone.

I can remember, now years ago, a friend telling me the value of Facebook. I said it does not seem for me, now years later and after many changes and beads slung, the most valued aspect of social media, to me, has been meeting artists, business owners, sports fans and bead lovers. I have gotten to know a few or many through instant message, often due to intriguing Facebook posts. There is nothing like learning about what makes someone tick. Respecting that privilege they shared with you, and perhaps understanding them better.  Next time you " turn to a stranger just like a friend", grasp the power your words may have on them. It's your news, but how it is interpreted is not.