Friday, January 9, 2015


Beadwork By Kerrie Slade

Hi Planet Bead,

  Thanks for all your support. We are closing the doors Jan31 and we are trying to keep the doors open to our store through the last day. We are offering what I termed as 'Woot" Boxes ( a lot of bead loot) in two sizes, 8 kilo worth or two shoe boxes for $250 with shipping $285 international and $425 with shipping for 16 kilo or four shoe boxes, $500 international. There are pictures of "Woot" Joy on my facebook page and consider them memories of YORK , premium seed, fire polish and pressed beads imported over last 20 years. Also, a free pattern by Melissa Grakowsky featuring Antique Beads and superduos will be sent to you with purchase. Thanks Melissa and all the other amazing bead talent that I have had the pleasure to deal with through