Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Bead and Jewelry Magazine

To all Beaders and Readers,

2016 would  of been the 91st anniversary of  My family's business. Nonetheless, it is the 91st a Bookstein has been in the bead business. Like a family tree, the roots of bead history has numerous branches. It's up to today's Beader or Purveyor of..... To thread the needle, connect the dots and string the bits of beady facts, fiction and facets together. Generations, A Company and a life of a bead all deal with unpredictable forces, yet they all learn from that adversity. Companies adapt modern technologies to increase efficiencies, people consume based on trends, fashion or economic, and beads evolve as well. Today's:  coatings, colors and shapes have all developed in response to some event. Your collection of baubles tells us about your history, your lineage , your design process, and maybe even the fate of One elusive bead.

The distribution of beady knowledge would not be complete without beady friends, publications and social media. I wrote an article about my history in this wonderful industry in Bead magazine, 
http://www.beadmagazine.co.uk/ edition 67. I invite you to take part in my journey , and I hope to Enlighten the mysteries of your favorite baubles. 

Here is a link to my article:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bxcc3umKr4zwaWV1cnJTVWRaS0U/view?ts=5661e8c2

Thank You and happy holidays!