Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Bead and Jewelry Magazine

To all Beaders and Readers,

2016 would  of been the 91st anniversary of  My family's business. Nonetheless, it is the 91st a Bookstein has been in the bead business. Like a family tree, the roots of bead history has numerous branches. It's up to today's Beader or Purveyor of..... To thread the needle, connect the dots and string the bits of beady facts, fiction and facets together. Generations, A Company and a life of a bead all deal with unpredictable forces, yet they all learn from that adversity. Companies adapt modern technologies to increase efficiencies, people consume based on trends, fashion or economic, and beads evolve as well. Today's:  coatings, colors and shapes have all developed in response to some event. Your collection of baubles tells us about your history, your lineage , your design process, and maybe even the fate of One elusive bead.

The distribution of beady knowledge would not be complete without beady friends, publications and social media. I wrote an article about my history in this wonderful industry in Bead magazine, 
http://www.beadmagazine.co.uk/ edition 67. I invite you to take part in my journey , and I hope to Enlighten the mysteries of your favorite baubles. 

Here is a link to my article:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bxcc3umKr4zwaWV1cnJTVWRaS0U/view?ts=5661e8c2

Thank You and happy holidays!


Sunday, September 27, 2015

Looking For Love.......

Hi All,

"Lookin' for love in all the wrong places, Lookin' for love in too many faces" , a lyric from the movie Urban Cowboy.  I do live in a big city , and at times like to think I am a bit of a renegade, but like everyone else I am lookin' ......... The word love here, and on Facebook and any social media outlet perhaps means Respect, A Voice, A Ear or just a platform . Are we selling something, educating, letting off steam or touting our favorite music or Sports team, it is different for everyone and is our right! What we put in our newsfeed is how we are judged by many, because we live so far apart and this is the only way we can be neighbors. Regardless of what words we choose and how often we do post, our words are a powerful vehicle.

As powerful as words are, and as I am doing right now therapeutic, there really is nothing like a one to one heartfelt conversation with someone. Many of us have a chance to meet at trade shows , perhaps share a coffee, some rarely get that privilege and get to know one another by instant message, maybe a Skype, frankly, and maybe it is just me, I do not know why people don't pick up the phone more often. Are we really that bogged down by social media, by hearing a person's voice and expressions and even gestures, gives one so much more depth than a text. 

This week was an interesting one for me. I worked, stayed home out of respect of my Jewish heritage for Yom Kippur the day of atonement , and my soon to be fourteen year old son touched the Pope's hand. I did not want to post this occurrence on Facebook, as we found pictures of my son smiling, amongst a crowd of fanatics, all over the Internet. This was a moment for family, and our journey, and I did share this with a select few and even picked up the phone.

I can remember, now years ago, a friend telling me the value of Facebook. I said it does not seem for me, now years later and after many changes and beads slung, the most valued aspect of social media, to me, has been meeting artists, business owners, sports fans and bead lovers. I have gotten to know a few or many through instant message, often due to intriguing Facebook posts. There is nothing like learning about what makes someone tick. Respecting that privilege they shared with you, and perhaps understanding them better.  Next time you " turn to a stranger just like a friend", grasp the power your words may have on them. It's your news, but how it is interpreted is not. 


Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Beadsmith


When I started out at York Beads in 1987 it was the end of the roaring garment district age.  The district and my section of 37th street had businesses that fed off of one another.  Garment manufacturing created an accessory district which begat rhinestone trim and bead suppliers like York.  There were many opportunities – the Internet age had not yet arrived and steady trading amongst importers still existed.

York Beads had a salesman, Hyman Kauff, affectionately known as Hy.  Although Hy had closed his own business (Hollander Bead) before joining York, his ties to the industry did not change.  His luncheons with the same men, also business owners, were a constant and he was accepted by his peers.  Becoming a York Salesman kept Hy in the industry he knew and loved.  Hyman liked the ladies, the meet and greet, and the chance for a sale.  Regardless of his position, his customers called his name.  I, Perry, PBeads, have fallen under the same spell.  I am a Bead Man and I want to thank everyone in my life – my family, suppliers, employees, and most importantly My Customers.  

History may repeat itself even in the smallest of venues.  Economics, logistics and technology are greater than any one of us.  Although I could sell coffee beans or plastics, I am a Bead Man.  One of my recent quips has been “before there were Mad Men there were Bead Men”.  When news got out that York was closing I immediately received a call.  It was Larry Weiss of The Beadsmith.  I was never one to over-analyze – being a third generation Bead Man was a blessing and much of the way was paved for me.  Larry started out of his garage from scratch.  Today Beadsmith is an industry leader and I am honored that he called.  I believe my "Bead Stylings" and I can fit into their model, regardless of never having the title of salesman.  The goal of distributing Beadsmith brand products to the world is exciting.

The Beadsmith now has a number of second generation family members at the helm.  I have corresponded mostly with Avi Weiss.  One term he often refers to in his emails is “Team”.  Decisions are not just made; they are discussed, pondered and analyzed.  Avi has shared my emails with Larry, Steven, Ronnie, and Robin, who in turn have discussed the matters at hand with their Czech partners.  In baseball, the ball goes “around the horn”.  In Cateret, New Jersey, the bead bounces from ear to ear with the world watching from the stands.  I look forward to the power of the Team.

In today’s virtual world relationships can become fragmented.  In our industry, these relationships are Bead Bonds and they can be forged through email, text or instant message, on Facebook, in a store, or at a trade show.  They can be between stores and customers, designers and clients, wholesalers and manufacturers.  All it takes is that one connection and a Bead Bond is born.  I remember visiting my first California bead shop and I’ll never forget the owner saying, “What would a bead store do without The Beadsmith?”  That sentiment is a result of the Team philosophy and the Bead Bonds it creates.

I remember Hy Kauff and I am sure his customers do, too.  I would love for York Beads to be remembered fondly.  And, I hope that the Bead Bonds I have built over the years will endure this change.  I am proud that I still have the opportunity to serve you and I welcome you to come visit this bead man and the team at The Beadsmith.

With Gratitude,

Friday, January 9, 2015


Beadwork By Kerrie Slade

Hi Planet Bead,

  Thanks for all your support. We are closing the doors Jan31 and we are trying to keep the doors open to our store through the last day. We are offering what I termed as 'Woot" Boxes ( a lot of bead loot) in two sizes, 8 kilo worth or two shoe boxes for $250 with shipping $285 international and $425 with shipping for 16 kilo or four shoe boxes, $500 international. There are pictures of "Woot" Joy on my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/PBeads and consider them memories of YORK , premium seed, fire polish and pressed beads imported over last 20 years. Also, a free pattern by Melissa Grakowsky featuring Antique Beads and superduos will be sent to you with purchase. Thanks Melissa and all the other amazing bead talent that I have had the pleasure to deal with through www.yorkbeads.com