Tuesday, October 28, 2014

90th Year

www.yorkbeads.com is really or legally York Novelty Import, Inc. We were Establish Dec 9, 1924 by Boris Weisman and Sol Bookstein. I started coming here as a Child, putting wood beads in a bag ,  packaging for Woolworth. I was fed Twinkies by the workers, I loved coming Xmas time where we had our
own Christmas tree kit and ornaments which we used to sell. I have seen power tools, Yo-yo's and more come through this place, and as a teenager I got enthralled with the beauty and myths of African trade beads. There was something about those beads.

Dad used to ask me to quiz him about the different beads, like baseball card statistics , he knew the color numbers and origins. We were not just Czech Beads at the time, we sold West German and Japanese glass and plastic, shell and pearl from the Philippines and much more. We were always known for Czech Glass and was a distributor since post World War II.  One of the few vendors whom visited us and we them.

Getting Ready for our Ninetieth anniversary we thought we would put some beads on sale. Most cover the last two decades of Importing from Czech Republic,  from Gemstone Fire Polish to seed beads but a few hints of the popular items today like Aged Stripes, Spikes and Magnet Clasps. You can even strike a bargain on some gold plated beads. Hope you enjoy and take advantage of them and note the quality and history behind them.

Best Regards,